Hi. What is the cost of EVLT? How much does Clalit Moshlam cover of the total cost? Is it a one-time medical treatment or we have to come back again ?

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Hello, I am 19 years old and I have varicose veins at the back of my left leg from my knee up, I also have alot of spider veins on both my thighs. i often feel heavy pressure in my legs and it bothers me asthetically. I took a test and the results did not show any defect in my veins. As time goes on i do feel that my pressure in my legs is getting worse and so are the veins looking worse. I want to know if you take care of these cosmetic issues? What treatment would you recommend? And what is the
?cost of these treatments

שלום Sara G.Hello,
I do take car of cosmetic varicose veins as you have.There are many different way to treat them:Endolaser,miniphlebectomy or sclerotherapy.Some time I do the combination of them/
Arnon Koren MD
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